My 100 Days Dress

 I do love a quirky idea - especially one that costs nothing and is fun!

I read about the idea of a 100 days dress a few years ago. 

The idea is to have a dress you can wear for 100 days (washing and drying accepted) by altering accessories: adding a cardigan, tights, different shoes, etc.

Here is a link to read about the original idea: 

So.  I am a feminine person who loves wearing dresses and skirts rather than jeans, trousers or leggings. (Although I do wear leggings as an under layer when it's cold.)

I needed to replace my day dress (a dress I wear in the daytime!) and made a gorgeous dress from fabric I had.

It's this pattern: 

I have made long sleeves and the dress is just below my knees.
The fabric is in cotton jersey, and fits beautifully.

I decided I'd wear my new day dress as many days as I can - aiming for 100 days.
It washes and dries beautifully on a quick, cool wash (I wash most things this way apart from bedding and towels). I also wash fabric before I cut pieces from it. 

I had originally aimed to have this as a 'grab it' dress for working - easy to be smart for work, just change into the dress - but it's just lovely to wear.

It is worth the time and expense to make an item I will wear over and over, and I'm already saving up for some more Jersey fabric for another dress.  

Another 100 days dress!

FM xx


  1. This looks gorgeous - would you mind sharing where the pattern is from?

    1. Of course! Xx
      It's by Cashmerette, which is a super company for patterns, and it's called Appleton.

  2. Of course xx
    It is made by Cashmerette and the pattern is called Appleton. Xxx


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