Drive up/Queue up/Eat up

 Fancy a burger?  

What about a Maccy-Do, or some chicken nuggets and fries?

As I frequently do, I priced up the cost of a drive-up/line-up/eat-up takeaway today.

The grandkids see a 'meal' like this as a treat.

Here is the cost to make it yourself from Sainsbury's. (I haven't included the fuel cost to cook, but nor have I taken away the fuel cost of driving and queuing up.)

McDonald's Quarter-pounder with cheese and fries, and a fizzy drink*: £5.29

Beef quarter pounder  (x4 £2.49) 0.62p

Soft white roll 0.13p

Cheese slice (x8 £1.30) 0.16p

Bacon slice (x8 £1.25) 0.15p

Cola (2l=47p) 500ml  11.75p

1 potato 13p

Supermarket version items: Total £1.31

McDonalds 6 chicken nugget meal (fries and a drink) £5.29

6 chicken nuggets 0.62p (20 nuggets £1.75)

Cola 500ml 11.75

1 potato 13p

Supermarket version items: Total 0.87p

Another blog to help towards the cost of living crisis!


* fizzy drinks have shot up in cost recently, but I have still priced the supermarket's own.


  1. Our six year old grandson loves his very, very occasional meal from Burger King, so we had promised him lunch from BK on the last day of the school summer holiday. Burgers, fries and a drink for all three of us, with no extras, cost in the region of £22!
    We look after him a lot due to his parents both working full time, at least three (often more) evenings a week during term time, and three or more days most weeks of the school holidays. If he wants a burger type lunch or supper I do them myself, but just three times per year, he's allowed a BK lunch, so it's not too painful, but actually far too much money for what you get!

    1. Isn't it expensive?!!
      We also look after our grandchildren some days every week; but as I prefer to make homemade grub and live below the line, I love showing them how to live cheaper than the norm. My granddaughter has learned to use the sewing machine and can make easy HM meals: and we love to shop at the chazza shop! She also loved to help me research the prices for the McDonalds blog.

  2. That's a huge difference. I am always amazed by how much women are prepared to pay for simply beauty treatments that can be done easily at home (not by me - I am very low maintenance!) and why anyone physically able to do so would pay for someone else to wash their car for them.

    1. I agree with you. If folk need to have support and pay for it, that's fair. However if they spend cash on being helped when they don't need it; it's daft - but their choice. I guess if I was rich and lonely I might visit the hairdresser or nail salon weekly too.


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