My Second Job

 Yes,  I have a disability that ended my career as a Teacher.

Yes, I get a little disability benefit each month.

No, I don't have my teacher's pension early - I decided to leave it where it was, building up, and manage.

Yes, the title is 'Second Job', which would infer I also have a 'First Job'.

I do.

My disability means I cannot do what is thought of as a 'usual' job. I have epilepsy following a head injury, and seizures happen at any time, without warning.


This does not mean I can't try to work at something.

My first job is as a tutor.  

I don't have a set number of hours each week.

My second job is as a seamstress. 

I take alteration commissions.

Every penny I earn goes into our savings.

I am incredibly happy being able to work at all, and work from home.



  1. Well done. It's refreshing to read about someone getting on with life instead of spouting the 'poor me' . Working from home sounds ideal for you. I'm very impressed.

  2. How did you acquire the skills to be a seamstress - keen amateur sewer, sat at mother's/grandmother's knee, early Saturday job? I was always academic at school, but was conscious that I needed a skill that could help me pay my way in the real world. That skill (courtesy of classes held at school) was typing - something that has largely become redundant due to computers giving the ability of producing a neat piece of work to anyone!

    1. Hi Tracy! I grew up with a deaf mum who had lived through the 2nd World War. She was born in 1936 to a very frugal family.
      My mum hadn't attended school but was an incredibly resourceful lady. She taught us to knit, crochet and sew - clothing as well as embroidery and tapestries.
      She also taught us to budget and make cheap meals, and my father taught us basic DIY and vegetable growing.
      All of us adults have been very grateful of the skills we learned from our folks.
      The both died young, but are spoken about by our siblings and families frequently. Xx


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