Holiday 2022

Our lovely holiday planning goes ahead.

I'm sorting out some clothes I'll wear. Not many of each item. I don't need to have lots of them. Two pairs of shoes - boots and trainers. My holiday clothes are ready.

I'm getting the house tidied up. I sometimes have a pile of things to 'get around to'. Right now I've got a patchwork quilt to complete, some fabric I've washed ready to make another dress and some books ready to take to the charity shop.

I've washed indoor the window frames.

I've sorted out my indoor plants and tidied our little garden.

I've got some travel shampoo, conditioner and bar soap that I've had for a little while.

These are ready, as is my gorgeous nail varnish.

I've told folks we are not available the week of our holiday.

We've chosen books we'd like to read that week.

We've researched a couple of dog-friendly pubs to visit for a couple of lunches.

And our food for the rest of the week is in our cupboards.

We are having a really cheap holiday - it's a 'stay-cation'!!

A break from regular routine, a visit to a couple of pubs for lunch, walks with the dogs, books to read, the house tidied up.

It's a good feeling as it's affordable.

I bought a couple of scented candles to have lit in the week.




  1. You are having a proper staycation- not slumming it in Dorset or the Highlands because you can’t fly away somewhere! Enjoy your break and pub lunches with a little bit of crafting thrown in. At least you know the digs will be spotless and the bed comfy. Catriona

  2. How lovely! Just enjoy the peace and quiet, and resist the temptation to get on with any little jobs.

  3. I know perfectly well that if we stayed home, I'd be doing bits and bobs around the house instead of resting, and keeping husband out of his workshop would be impossible!
    So, shortly, we're going away to a converted old train carriage, on a clifftop with wonderful views!
    We're not intending to spend much money whilst we're away, we'll probably have a few lunches out, but I'm more than happy to go back and cook every evening, there's a dishwasher too, which we don't have at home!
    We're intending to sit and take in the view, whether from the garden or one of the sofas inside. We're taking books, I-pads, and my crochet wip will be going too!
    Good weather would be nice, but we have wellies and cagoules, so if it rains, it rains, we'll not melt!
    Hope you enjoy your proper 'staycation'!

  4. Sounds blissful! I hope you have a lovely relaxing time.


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