Universal Credit? Really?

I can't work due to disability so teach piano - but due to Covid-19 pupils stop and don't want to learn by Zoom. Now this is lifted a little but we still have to be 2m apart (how do you teach piano 2m apart - answers on a postcard please.. Don't forget to sterilise the card and use gloves when you write it, and DON'T LICK THE STAMP!) so this is still impossible.
So I apply for Universal Credit.
Six weeks of online/phone calls/K has to apply too as we are 'in a relationship' then: you'll hear on the 17th June the monthly amount, and we will begin payments a week after.
Today is 17th June.
I'm "entitled" to £0
Simply because my husband gets OAP.
So in order to access £76 a week to spend on food / rent / bills etc., I need to ditch the darling husband?
Sod you Universal Credit.
Sod you government agencies, and - right now - apart from those I love - sod the world. 😡

Tracey x


  1. You couldn't make it up could you, so sorry you've both had to go through all that only to be kicked in the teeth.

    I attended a few meetings with a friend of mine who was moving onto UC from ESA, and pleasant though the staff were there wasn't really anyone in the initial stage who could really understand their needs. The attitude seemed to be that if you could make the appointment then you couldn't be in that bad a shape.

  2. Query it , they never ever give you what you are entitled to till you kick up a stink . Partner i presume is getting pension as a single person and does not also receive a private pension ?

  3. I've lost my job due to Covid. As hubby has recently gone back to work after being furloughed, I'm unable to claim any benefits either. Doesn't seem fair as I've worked for 36 years previously. Also, during the furloughed period (8 weeks) we had many people say "oh lucky you" - they couldn't be further from the truth. The 80% of husband's pay was only 80% of his basic wage. He only ever earns basic wage in the winter when the construction sites seem to slow down. Like you, I say "sod the world".

  4. That is awful. I am so sorry. I hope you will be able to start your tuition again soon.

  5. I understand your frustration,

    I'm an essential worker so have been out there every day until being injured at work. No bonus, no shorter shifts, like essential shop workers receive.

    My next door neighbours are all at home, our government is giving people $2000 a month if they are unable to work. The family next door are taking in $10,000 a month.

    Our DIL was laid off when this started, she works part time in a school. She didn't qualify at first for the money because of the small number of hours she works. Eventually the government said she qualified. $2000/month, is more than she makes. She removed herself from the payment plan after two months because it covered her lost wages until the end of June. She's terrified the government will ask for the money back.

    Now that things are reopening, employers are finding that people aren't coming back to work because they are making more money by staying at home!

  6. So sorry you are having to deal with this.
    Since the government saw fit to very quietly remove pension credit, coupled with the increase in pension age for women there are going to be increasing numbers of people having to deal with this.
    The social safety net is definitely not fit for purpose and I fear because of Coronavirus there are going to be large numbers of people who will be at the blunt end of discovering this when their jobs start to disappear when furlough scales down.
    I have no clue why ordinary people keep voting in political parties who are intent on degrading social support policies to the extent they have been, it is quite frightening.
    I sincerely hope something changes for the better for you soon x.


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