Colcannon - a great 'use it up' dish!

As always, we like to plan our meals ahead as it saves money and avoids any waste.  
It also saves time!
Our veg delivery came today, so I list anything we haven't eaten from the last delivery as well as anything we need to eat up.

Today we had leftover:

8 potatoes
1 leek
4 onions
half a Savoy cabbage

So tonight's supper was Colcannon.

Here is my recipe for this lovely, simple dish - but you can add grated cheese on top, or change the vegetables for what you need to use up.


8 potatoes
1/2 a cabbage
4 chopped onions
1 leek - optional

Chop and boil potatoes with their skins, until cooked.  Drain.
Chop and cook cabbage in veg stock until cooked. Reserve stock.
Chop and cook onion and/or leek in a cup of (soya) milk until soft. Leave in pan.

Roughly mash potato.  Add the oniony mixture and stir together.  Add a little stock from the cabbage and stir.
Add in the cabbage and mix together.  
Add in as much stock as needed to have a soft mixture.

Place in a roasting dish and under the grill to crisp up the top.

Serve as it is, or with cooked bangers, or gravy. YUM!

Tracey xx


  1. If I'm not mistaken, this is an Irish dish, I tried it somehow, I need to cook it. Thanks for the recipe!


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