Neighbourly stuff

It was a funny old afternoon - nice neighbour and I had a conversation about his obsession with jackets (he has 25), about there being huge queues outside Primarni (why????) today after the lockdown rules were relaxed and my advice that he could probably manage with the seven pairs of jeans he already has, and avoid shopping for more.

(Do you think some people are addicted to shopping for the sake of it?)

Then as I was sat in the shade knitting and enjoying a lovely cuppa, I thought it had suddenly started a shower of rain- glanced up to see horrible neighbour (read back a few posts and you'll understand why they are now labelled this way) washing the outsides of her upstairs windows with a brush attached to a jet-wash spray.

Most of the water was doing its job, but a fair amount was coming down into our garden and watering not only my plants, but me and my knitting.  I'd never been jet-washed before!

Ah well...

I'm very lucky as I don't hold onto nasty thoughts about anything, and I don't "need" to go shopping for anything that isn't the food that keeps us healthy.

Bless them.

Bless 'em all!

Tracey xx


  1. I am thankful for good neighbours. That sounds like a lot of jackets for one person.


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