Any Old Iron?

On a rare trip out in the car this morning, we saw this rather disturbing sight.
It is an open-topped scrap dealers' lorry with a collection of walking frames and assistance supports on their way to the local tip.

I had two immediate thoughts.

It made me think morbidly of the people who may no longer need their supports as they weren't here anymore.
Then I thought, why aren't these items weren't being reused for other patients?

What are your thoughts?

Tracey xx


  1. When my Dad passed away we tried to find somewhere to take his walking frame but no one would take it. I don't know why they are not reused, it seems a terrible waste. It was the same when my Mother broke her leg, the hospital didn't want the crutches back. Surely they could be cleaned and reused and it would save the NHS money.

  2. This is a conversation I have on a daily basis at the charity shop, I have received many a lecture about it (as though I am somehow in more of a position than anyone else to bring about change in this matter).

    We are, at times, inundated with mobility aids. While we are allowed to take them, it's very rare someone wants to buy them. A local hospital did take them back at one time, but not now.

    btw, if you're interested I have shed the skin of my old blog and am starting afresh -

  3. My thoughts exactly, we are told of the underfunding and this would be a simple fix with decent cleaner and polish.


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