Easing Lockdown rules - are you staying alert?

So, after 12 weeks of staying at home, apart from very occasional trips to the local Coop for essentials, with mask and gloves on (ok, so mostly wine for Man Wonderful..) we can now go out.
As long as we stay alert.

But I am actually quite comfortable with things as they are, because - correct me if I'm wrong - but there is still a bl**dy killer virus out there, n'est pas?

So if it's ok with everyone else, we will be trying to live the same way as we have been; it's very similar to how we usually live, with just a few adjustments.

I have absolutely no desire to go to clothing shops, pubs, bars or mobile phone outlets.  I have no plans to buy brand new furniture, a bicycle or a car; and as I am epileptic I cannot 'shop' alone, therefore under these rules I won't be going flipping shopping anyway!

I used to enjoy the occasional trip around a charity shop, but I have all the clothing I need and I will buy second-hand items via the internet (except for nightwear and underwear: I buy these new) when these get beyond repair.

Our food is based on a weekly fruit and veg box delivery. This costs £37.50 for two of us, although it also feeds two grandkids for four lunches a week and makes a roast meal for us all plus my daughter once a week.  I buy dried lentils, rice, GF flour and GF pasta in bulk once every three months, same with my spices.  I buy tins of beans, olives, chickpeas and tomato passata the same and use a wholesaler for all these as it is WAY cheaper - but this is how we shopped before COVID-19 as it's the cheapest way for us to live.

One change for us is eating out.
We used to eat out with different friends or with family, and I have no inclination to rush to go back to this: I do understand the economy issue, but for the time being economy begins (again) at home.

And as for the virus?

Well, as my dad used to say: Be alert: the country needs more lerts.

Tracey xx


  1. My feelings are ditto, more or less.

  2. We are much the same as you we have a food shop delivered monthly and the rest can wait until things have settled.

  3. Cant say much has changed in our life , ive missed the jumble sales but i think there wont be any this year , shopping as a whole is something i never liked so ive enjoyed not doing it . Got the veg garden back up to capacity with the help of grandson , so im just reading and crocheting my life away


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