Planning for Christmas in June

So regular readers will know that I have a slight obsession with (whispers) Christmas!  
It's actually only 183 sleeps until the 25th December, in case you weren't aware.
I have a special place in the house where items I have collected or made throughout the year go, and I put together gifts for a set list of people.

This year I treated myself to a Christmas organiser..

Yes, I know.
I'm a saddo, but it keeps me quiet and doesn't hurt anybody, right?

Since the start of lockdown, I've managed to knit two pairs of socks and a scarf, and crochet a hippo.
I'm also working on a decoupage picture to go in the Christmas collection.

I have a Pinterest folder with ideas in, and make a note of good ideas as I see them.

One of my friends gave me a super gift last year - it was a mish-mash of beauty products; a cleanser from one range, a toner from another range, moisturiser, face masks, (everything vegan and cruelty-free as she knows my taste) and a gorgeous bath soak. x
Another chum packaged up some different herbal teas that I have only just come to the end of.

Really lovely, thoughtful gifts.

I don't care if gifts come from the charity shop, Lidl or John Lewis.
I love second-hand and vintage - (having character adds to the item I think) - and I still maintain the house rule that the gift is in the giving, so we have a cardboard box in the lounge on Christmas day that items we simply don't want can go in - as long as we are thankful for the gift, it gets re-gifted or donated to charity.  

Today I ordered some bargain sets of designer tea-towels on the internet as my girly chums will be getting gifts around nice kitchen-y bits and bobs.

By doing this throughout the year, Christmas is affordable.

When do you plan Christmas, and how do you manage to afford things?

Tracey xx


  1. I have cut back a lot in recent years and friends and family have done the same. Gifts now tend to be either edible, a book or an experience and they don't need to be extravagant.
    I do pick up things throughout the year and have a spot in a back cupboard where these items are kept.
    I'm fine for Christmas decorations and cards, wrapping paper & gift bags etc. have already been purchased - on sale - so I am well on my way.

  2. It's always nice to have a new planner!

  3. Like you I plan and buy things all year around and enjoy the process. I make pickles/jams/oils into little hampers for neighbours, made with love. I like the idea of wrapping them in a kitchen towel.

  4. Just started my postal gifts, very different to my normal hand made items.


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