Round it up Fruday

Advice : don't read paragraph 1 whilst eating or if you have a weak stomach. Xx

 It had been a hot and sweaty then cold and shivery day today and I felt generally under the weather, but when I started that horrid you-know-it-if-you've-had-it-before-feeling of a water infection coupled with pink wee I gave in and rang the GP who was quick in prescribing me some antiBs and some quick-to-work sachets.
Man Wonderful drove to the pharmacy and collected these and within half an hour I'd begun the meds.

We spent a leisurely lunchtime with my chum and her hubby in their garden where we all ate lunch together. She's been on complete isolation for 12 weeks and although we've had regular FaceTime it was lovely to just be together and share a simple meal.
Her hubby had prepared a gorgeous Greek salad with side dishes of hummus, flatbread, falafels, little pizza foldovers and a huge potato frittata. YUM!
Apart from having to nip to the loo every flipping five minutes, it was perfect!

Then we had our Friday night dinner at Gorgeous Daughter's house with grandkids and continued our 'new tradition' (well, they've got to start somewhere!) of sharing a meal then having a little naughty pud to end the week. All homemade as far as poss.  
Last week we made (read assembled from shop bought ingredients) KnickerBockerGlory, and tonight we had homemade scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream.  Gurt lush!


Couple more days on antiBs and I'll be back to my usual bouncy goodness.

What have you been doing to round off the week?

Tracey xx


  1. Hope you're feeling much better now. The meal with your friends sounds delicious, twelve weeks is a LONG time! Had to google KnickerBockerGlory and it sounds very yummy!

  2. Hope you feel better soon. How wonderful to catch up with both friends and family.

  3. Hope the meds are worksing their magic.

    The meal sounds delicious, here's to the good times!


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