Emergency dinner tonight..

Regular readers will know that I'm a huge fan of cooking once, eating twice.
A few weeks ago I made a large * veg cottage pie and froze four portions.

This evening we had great fun at GD's house but didn't get home until 7.30 - not leaving enough time to prep\re and cook the planned meal.

So to the freezer we went and we had a choice of:  

Veg cottage pie - veg and lentils, some spices, topped with mash and bake in the oven.

Veg chilli with rice - using Quorn mince instead of meat, tinned tomatoes and grated veg.

West Country Trawler Pot - (basically homemade fish pie with a fancy name!)

Man Wonderful made a homemade veg gravy on the stove and we ate in front of the TV. 


Do you cook ahead in case of emergencies?
If you do, pop your recipe in comments for everyone else.

Tracey xx

* I made enough for 8 portions - or six hungry people! 


  1. I always have homemade soup in the freezer and homemade bread ready for emergencies.

  2. I will be borrowing this. Love the idea of cooking once to eat twice :)


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