Doing laundry overnight..

The cross-stitch above was made for me by Gorgeous Daughter, and the flowers were from the back garden.  
Just beautiful.

I've got rid of more things on eBay and also Facebook selling page this week. 
Free stuff included a bundle of clothes that were too large and had 'hidden' in the attic, three pairs of shoes, a handbag and more wool.
I sold an unused tablet computer and some vintage books and magazines; so that all adds to the emergency fund.

Tonight Man Wonderful made vegetarian savoury rice with just finely chopped veg from our weekly delivery and a little frozen spinach.  He adds smoked paprika to this dish and it is gorgeous!!

I watched the weather forecast this evening so I could plan when to put the washing machine on.  Do you do that?  It's going to be fine here Thursday and Friday, so it'll go on overnight on Wednesday (the electric is cheaper on our tariff at night!).  
I don't know if that's frugal or just sensible?

Tracey xx


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