What to look our for in a Charity shop

 Today Man Wonderful et moi have taken a wee drive out to celebrate an anniversary. (We have lots of little anniversaries as opposed to one you-have-to-wait-all-year-for-that-can-be-ruined-by-weather/otherpeople/life..)

The small town we picked to land in has an abundance of charity shops - and I love a charity shop mooch along with the next person.

I thought I would share with you just why I love them - and what I look for so that I don't just waste money on things that then end up in the donate-to-charity box after a week.

1. Clothing

Have a list of what you need/could do with. I left my denim jacket somewhere a few weeks ago (was originally a chazza shop special, but had some added embroidered flowers) so I'm on the lookout for a new denim-mmy jacket.  

2. Clothing - to sell

I look for labels from designers that are being sold cheaply that I can sell on Vinted or ebay. One thing that always works for this is Jeans. Avoid supermarket ones. Big sizes (22+) of most clothing items sell well too. 

3. Books.

OMG if I could tell you how much money we have not spent out by buying reading books in charity shops..  I either write a list of authors names on paper or photograph the list of 'also by' titles in a book I have enjoyed. I'm currently looking for books by Fredrik Bachman.

4. Housewares

I love things that don't match. I also love not being 'on trend', but instead being original.  But. When we look at things for our home they have to be liked by both of us. And we live without lots of 'stuff' anyway..

5. Crafts

The golden rule: if you see something that will save you money that you will use - that's the one to buy. A classic example today- New baby aran wool for sale at 1.50 a ball. Fab. But I didn't buy it as I currently don't need any. An antique lace-making set of bobbins in a wooden box. £40.  Beautiful. Something I have wanted to try for ages. But I still didn't buy it as it's not worth £40 just to try a craft I might not get on with.

6. Board games

These are a great purchase - as long as you check they are complete. A brand new board game can cost more than £20 so seeing one new for under £5 can be a good buy.

7. Music

I always look through sheet music. If it is very cheap and for the piano I will pick it up. I won't pay much though.  

8. Jigsaws

If these are in sealed boxes they are worth buying. 

Do you shop in Charity shops?

What do you look out for or buy?



  1. Great tips - I love a chazzer! I also love Frederik Backman's books too - I'm planning on watching the movie of Britt-Marie Was Here ASAP. I spotted it on iPlayer: www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000sc9q

  2. always have a list in my head of what im looking for , though im finding i have been priced out of most charity shops these days . The list for this years jumble sales is starting to fill however

  3. I look for sealed tubes of up-market hand creams to take as "thank-yous" for hosts of any lunch or dinner we might go to. Wrapped in recycled tissue paper they make a lovely little gift and a change from flowers.


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