Sorting out my handbag..

 I am known as a person who has one of everything in my handbag.  This causes teasing from family and friends; however, when you are out somewhere, and that person needs a sweetener, a nail file or a packet of ketchup...the laugh is on the other foot!

I regularly tidy my handbag as being a handbag-hoarder,  it can be a bit difficult to get the purse out, or a key, etc.

So this afty I decided to empty out the handbag - and here is a wee piccy for you to see:

I do have, on occasion, some strange items in not so odd.
Lots of ketchup and mayo sachets...a sunscreen lipstick.. a marble.
Last week I had loads of sea glass from a dog walk on a local beach.
Often I have knitting with me.
One time I had a pirate. With a sword.

Do you have unusual handbag contents?
Or are you a really tidy handbag carrier?

FM xx


  1. Depends on my bag - but they always seem to have have poo bags, hair bobbles and receipts - none of which are ever the ones you neeeeeed when returning something.

  2. I certainly start off really tidy with only what is needed for the outing but it inevitably fills up very quickly.


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