How to make a little extra income

 *Spoiler Alert*   Nothing here will make you a millionaire or need an accountant/tax return.

This little blogpost is how we have made a few pounds over the years, and might help someone else.  So, in no particular order:

1. Sell something you have made.  I knit and sew and have made items over a number of months to sell at a Christmas Fair.  I did this for a few years and it was  worth it - but it is important to have low expectations as you can never tell what other people would like to buy.

2. Tutoring.  Everyone knows how to do something - from car engine tuning to cake decorating, speaking French to knitting.  Offering a skill for a few pennies can bring in some money.

3. Sell something you no longer wear. Local selling pages, Vinted, eBay. I have used all these. I prefer the first two for ease.

4. Sell secondhand books. There are many companies that buy - and then sell - your used books for a few pence each. This helps with decluttering too.

5. Sell extra items of furniture.  Local selling pages work well for this.  We recently sold two unwanted dining chairs for £15. The people came to collect on the same day. It was very easy.

6. Mobile phones. Most people have a few older handsets they don't want anymore. Look online to gauge a price they are selling at, and get rid!

7. Breakup larger items and Sell. I have deconstructed an old laptop that wouldn't sell as a whole item, then sold individual parts for a few pence each. Again, it's not a million quid, but every penny goes in the coffers.

8. Repair for other people.  I do get asked to repair items fairly frequently. I do a good job and don't charge the earth; that way I get more requests.  It's using skills I already have.

9. Take commissions. I have been asked to alter curtains, to knit jumpers for kids, to make birthday cakes. Again, I only ask for money to cover the materials and add a little on top for my time.

10. Selling unusual items: I have sold empty, used perfume bottles; used corks; ring pulls from cans; old football programs.  Look online and see what other people have sold that you could have sitting around collecting dust.

What can you add to this list?



  1. I am going to start making a little stock of those Gingers to see if I can sell them at Christmas. I also sold Mr 24's single bed before Christmas - tried a price and they snapped my hand off!


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