Early Saturday morning

Up early this morning, post-storm Eunice.
Thankfully very little damage to the wee garden and none to the wee house.
I'm watching 'Back in time for the Corner Shop' on repeat, as I love the 1950s and rationing.
Man Wonderful is making porridge and a pot of tea for breakfast, bless him!

I hope you got through the bad storm relatively damage-free.




  1. I love those Back in time for programmes. I think I spotted one about working in a factory. Not sure If I have seen it - I recall it being in a sewing factory. Might hunt it out later. It is absolutely chucking it down here. Will be knitting something later!

  2. No damage here, thank goodness and to be honest it wasn't any windier yesterday than it was a couple of days ago when the last storm swept through. Today has been weird, though. It was grey, damp and windy to start, then dry with bright sunshine, followed by rain, followed by sleet, followed by HUGE snow flakes for about an hour, then misty and now, as it is getting dark, clear and calm. It has worn me out just watching it from my armchair!

  3. Absolutely no damage, thanks. I'm glad you were OK.
    I love those back in time series too - I think there may be quite a lot of them on iPlayer.


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