On your beam ends

 The phrase 'On your beam ends' is used to describe someone really hard-up, struggling to manage, with few things left.

It was originally a naval phrase, relating to ship's beams, and how dangerous it is to be on the end of a beam.

Anyhow, today I want to share somethings I have done at different times of my life, when I was 'on my beam ends'. 

These things helped me through some very tough financial times.

1  Turned off the fridge, and kept milk and spread on an outside windowsill.

2. Gone to bed straight after tea.

3. Worn tights under my jeans with socks on top.

4. Slept fully clothed.

5. Done my laundry in my shower/bath.

6. Worn fingerless gloves all day.

7. Boiled the kettle in the morning and after making my cuppa, putting the rest of the boiling water in my flask - then not boiling the kettle for the rest of the day.

8. Sat with blankets over my lap.

9. Eaten one large hot meal and two tiny cold meals a day.

10. Worn my coat indoors.

11. Used the same soap for me, clothes and dishes.

12. Once the sun set, turn off all devices and gone to bed.

Can you add to the list? 

What have you done when you were on your number ends? 

FM xx


  1. Walked miles into town and back because I hadn't got money for the bus fare. Cut my own hair (I do this now out of choice because I hate going to the hairdressers!)

  2. My Nan lived with us, born in 1889 she had two favourite sayings. You will have us in the workhouse and go to bed to save the coal. My daughter and eldest grandaughter's wear their dressing gowns over their clothes in the winter when they get home. At our house we have a pile of blankets which we cuddle under in our front room in the evenings and only have the electric heater on if it's really cold, not the central heating. We do your no 9 most of the time unless we have homemade soup for a meal. Hot water bottles are also a favourite in our house, especially with granddaughter who works from home and fluffy socks. She moans about cold hands and nose as she works in the cold side of the house, I really should buy her some fingerless gloves :) We have draught excluders by some of our doors to keep the rooms warmer. Really think more people/families are going to struggle with prices going up.


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