Sowing the seeds


As many of you lovely people do, I love to grow things that are edible.  It combines a wee hobby with being frugal.
I save dried seeds in a little box, each little envelope marked with the name of the plant and the date I added them.
One thing I find works well is soaking the dried seeds for a day before planting.
So far this year I have planted herbs and tomatoes. 
When we had our big house I had a lovely lean-to greenhouse, which enabled me to grow all manner of wonders (and housed Robert (said in a French accent), a wild toad).
Now we are in our tiny house, I use windowsills and a little airing cupboard space to start off my seedlings.
You'll see above my very thrifty seed pots.
These are perfect as once I have thinned out the seeds, I just tear off the segment needed and plant it straight into the new receptacle. 

One thing I love growing is potatoes - but I'm not this year for two reasons - we have yet to 'do' the garden. It's planned and we have what we need..and secondly, Man Wonderful thinks its a false economy.  What do you think?

Are you growing-your-own this year?
What do you, or have you, grown to success?
Is it frugal?



  1. I don't grow any food, other than a few herbs - and they have to look after themselves. I have attempted to grow things in the past but consistency is not my strong point and I didn't go out every day to check on things so what we did grow ended up feeling very expensive! I prefer my wildlife garden where the creatures can just enjoy themselves and I don't have to think about it.

  2. I agree with that it is a false economy but spuds straight from the garden are utterly delicious! I have just been studying a seed catalogue, after doing an audit of my seed box. I haven't started any seeds off yet, being in the frozen North, but I am planning on growing tomatoes, salad leaves, radish, courgettes and also carrots safely in pots on top of my log store out of the way of the dreaded carrot root fly! I have also been eyeing up seeds for climbing french beans and welsh onions. No doubt there will also be some potatoes as well, grown in potato sacks.

  3. grow your potatoes in a five gallon bucket or a straw bale.


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