I am desperately low on blogposts to read / people to follow in blogland.

Can you recommend any I should take a look at please?



  1. I always look at Outback Tania. She hasn't posted for a while but the reading list on the side bar has lots of interesting blogs, well worth taking a look at. The other one I check every day is My Quiet Life in Suffolk. New posts appear nearly every day and, once again, the side bar has links to lots of other blogs. A lot of the blogs listed on both sites are of the simple living/frugal variety and are nice places to hang out, full of helpful people. Hope that helps. X

  2. I've deleted a few over the last couple of years.

    I tend to click sidebars and try reading what the blogs I enjoy read

  3. The Prudent Homemaker is a wonderful blog from the US - she posts usually once a week on Monday or Tuesday but comments from all around the world come in all week with lots of info for each other. Her story on how she got started during the 2008 financial crisis is there and she covers frugality, gardening, books, all kinds of things. She tries to keep things fairly free of politics - although she is very fair about presenting all sides if warranted. I think you would enjoy it.

  4. Do you like to read? Susan Branch, a writer on Martha's Vineyard (USA), has a blog at You can spend days reading all her old posts and the millions of comments left on them. I bought several of her books and enjoyed reading them. She has a cruise planned this May to visit England for the Diamond Jubilee. She'll be blogging all the way-again! (USA)is a quilter-childcare mom of grown kids in Iowa, going through health issues as well. She often posts twice a day.
    Judy at (USA) posts about 5-6 times a day, does embroidery, has a cat and a husband and lots of old blog posts to read.
    Lynne at has the MOST beautiful quilts that she makes and posts about. The colors and shapes are gorgeous. Not that I do anything like that, but I like to look. There are other quilters listed on her blog as well.
    Then there's (Canada), who has lots of english blogs listed on the side of her blog that I use to jump off into the english/australian/new zealand blogs. is listed on jansjabber, and I use it to jump off once again in a different section of english blogs. If you go down the list of blogs on the side, sometimes you will see a small note "show all," click on it and more blogs show up.
    It's fun to check out different blogs listed on a blog site. Some blogs don't list other blogs, some do. Hopefully, these will help you find new people to enjoy reading about.


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