Plotting my shopping

 I'm sat here with my provisional shopping list for March, going through all the additional receipts from February. These are almost all from the local Coop, where we buy goats' cheese and tonic water as this is the cheapest place to buy these.

To plot the shopping, I start with a list of what I have purchased previously.  Then we stock check these items before adding anything else we might need that month.

Then I go to the app I use, type in the whole list, and it sorts out which of the four local supermarkets sells each item the cheapest. 

I am not bothered about brands,  and prefer generic / shop's own as these are cheapest.

While we are planning the list, we discuss meals - this includes any new recipes we might want to try.

Later this evening I will place one order for home delivery and one order for collection. These are the largest two amounts of food.


  1. Your handwriting is so beautiful. I have done an online shop today and it's just bits and bobs, I've free delivery so I've looked closely at the offers and spent the bare minimum on what I need. I like shop's own stuff but I do look at unit prices for best value of the things I buy. And some stuff, I've decided I'm worth it! EG. Some fancy pants wrinkle cream at half price - didn't neeeed it right now but it will go off and I am trying to look after myself a bit more. I am a marketing man's dream!!!

    1. You say the loveliest things!!!
      I don't know if you can make it out, but I'm wearing your wrist warmers in the photo. Xx


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