Wish List to Shopping List

Once we have shopped for food for the month and paid all the bills, if there is anything not on the regular purchases list that we need, we discuss it and if it is a proper need, we buy it.  

For example, Man Wonderful needed an emergency trip to the dentist.  This was a proper need.  He went to the dentist, and we had the money in our savings account to pay for it.  We have money built up for essentials by not buying anything frivolous.  **

I needed some tights this month.  

However, I had enough tights to manage with, so these have been put on my February 'want' list.

One of the funny things that happens (I'm sure it's not just with us) is that when you have something you want or need, by putting off the purchase by a couple of weeks, you sometimes find you really didn't need it, or forgotten what it was in the first place!

Our 'do we really need this' list this month included:

- a TV (ours is v. small and although it works well, it is hard to read some on-screen written information. We will replace it, so have started some research.) not purchased

- tights (I sorted through my drawer and found another pair, so will be adding this to next month's purchases) not purchased

- a microwave (we have some crinkly/rusty surfaces inside ours; but advice is that we don't need to replace it just yet.) not purchased

- a soup maker (discussed because my sister has one!  Decided not to as I have a slow cooker I was given that I am already using to make soup.) not purchased

- dental treatment (emergency, Man Wonderful) purchased

- yarn (for a commission): purchased - and will get this money back

- jeans rivets (for a commission): purchased - and will get this money back

Additional purchases:

- Christmas wrapping paper:  this was on sale at 50p a roll, so I bought eight rolls

- a selection of reduced price gifty things that have been put away for next Christmas (I'm not going to elucidate on here, but have spent under £20..)

- a rowing machine (this was on the January list; I had enough money set aside, and saved cash buying one on the local selling page)

- one coffee and tea bought at an outdoor cafĂ© - well worth the pennies!

- one posh dinner out - we spent under what I had budgeted

Do you have need/want lists?

What have you bought this month?  

Did you budget for it?

FM xx


  1. We deffo have a want and need list and save for any needs. Unfortunately this month we had a small leak in our boiler. Fortunately our granddaughter who lives here spotted a small bulge in the kitchen ceiling. The cost of the emergency plumber was eye watering. Ceiling damage minimal. One of our small grandaughter's who lives a distance away had 2 seizures due to Covid and spent the day in hospital before the family all went down with it, so we sent her and the two grandsons a little present each via Amazon.
    I would not want a soup maker, a saucepan or slow cooker works for me. We don't do no spend months but have used Sainsbury's points and a small amount of cash to last us to pension day on the 3rd Feb. January's been a LONG month. We don't actually get OAP for another 2 years so like you, it's all about budgeting.

  2. I'm currently spending as little as I possibly can and it's worked really well this past month. I think I could do with making more lists though as although I am great at doing without himself doesn't even give it a thought. If he had to write every spend on a list he'd see where his money is going.


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