Mid-month meal planning

 Good Morning dear readers!!

I hope nobody was affected by the Monday 'blues' yesterday, it being the middle of January.

I did a wee stock check and we planned our meals until the end of the month. 

This week we are having:

ADB - an All Day Breakfast. This features bacon, fried eggs, potato wedges, mushrooms and tomatoes. (We need to buy more baked beans.)

Bol - this is Man Wonderful's spaghetti bolognaise (with veggy mince) without the spaghetti.  I prefer a jacket spud. 

Lasagne - my lentil lasagne (also dairy free) has been requested by granddaughter for Saturday when she has a sleepover. 

Chilli - Thursday night's treat

Salmon - oven baked in foil with roasted veggies

Sausages with roasted veg - veg sausages 

Stir-fry - using up any veg leftover before this week's veg box arrives 

These are in any order - however we feel on the day. Apart from Saturday it's just us two.

What are you eating this week?

Do you meal plan?



  1. I don't meal plan. It just doesn't seem to work for us. I do use up leftovers though. Tonight's meal was pasties, made with beef stew left over from the weekend, followed by a wrinkly apple, pear that was getting a bit too ripe and raspberries from the freezer crumble, made with oats, rather than flour. I don't think those would sound well on the menu of any posh restaurant, but they did taste lovely!

  2. I have been meal planning all my married life! It would feel odd to me not to know what we are eating for the week and it keeps us on budget as no interim shopping needed. Even eldest daughter meal planned when she was at uni.


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