Charity Shop Annie

 Yes, I know I'm not called Annie..but that's what I call myself when I'm talking about my clothing - amongst other things.

I don't know about you, but when you've lived a more thrifty lifestyle it just becomes second-nature?

I LOVE mooching around a charity shop. You can get some rest bargains, can't you?

However I do have self-imposed rules that stop me spending too much, or bringing home something that would be clutter.

I have a budget - a limit of what I can spend.  Paying with cash is a great method for this - if you've just got £5 in your pocket, that's all you can spend!

I have a rule for clothing - one in, one out. This keeps my small number of items small.

I love to look at homewares, but decided a long time ago to have matching plates (although it is still vintage), and if I find any that is my set I will buy it.  I use mis-matched bowls and other crockery and deliberately buy ones that don't match. If one gets broken it is not an issue - I will replace it with something different from the charity shop. 

(When I was married first time around, we had a lovely set of crockery and tableware by Denby.  It had cost a lot of money, and my ex- husband decreed we could only use it on birthdays or at Christmas..)

Books are the main reason I visit charity shops.  We are both voracious readers and pass these on to friends and family or back to the chazza shop.  This keeps our 'stash' of books very low. It would be easy to keep loads of books, I think!

Do you like chazza shops?

How do you limit the number of things you buy?



  1. Charity shops can be a treasure trove if one has the eye for it m'dear. I have always struggled to limit buying ever since my breakdown, a five minute fix of feel good before the return to the darkness. As your typical bloke I also found in the past throwing anything away as an extremely painful process. But these days my beloved G keeps a reign upon my spending and I am slowly learning the art of painless de-cluttering which is actually very cathartic m'thinks (although my workshop tools are totally out of bounds to this exercise).


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