Our small budget

For a long time now I've been blogging about and sharing our simple living-below-the-line life.

The things we do are not rocket science - many of the ideas come from Man Wonderful's post-war upbringing and my low-income lifestyle. 

Over the years we have given advice as it's been requested, and I've enjoyed putting bits and bobs in writing in this - and my previous - blog.  There are other - successful - blogs that have been spawned from this simple advice and many friends take parts of advice that suit them. This makes us very happy.

Today I'm writing about living on a very small budget.

Every month we know what our set income is.  We look at what we have already and plan what to buy.

I use an online app to choose what to buy and where, and plan several meals that are flexible. 

I order online and either have shopping delivered or use click and collect - whichever is the best deal.

The shops I use are local - Coop, Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons.
By choosing the cheapest one for specific items AND having food ready to just collect, it means we don't go into the store - so there's no 'browsing' and no 'ooh we could do with that/let's try that' shopping.
Spending money isn't a hobby, it's an essential but frugal activity.

We also do things to keep being thrifty.
Today I took out from the freezer some frozen blackberries we gathered on dog walks in September. They are now pots of jam

I added sugar and a squirt of lemon juice.

I also defrosted some leftover mince pie filling and made some pastry that is in the fridge - tomorrow when I'm cooking our lunch, the mince pies will bake alongside.

There's also a soup in the slow cooker that is the ends of carrots and celery, a potato, some spring onions, curry powder and lentils. 

I love being organised.
Planning for me is fun and helps to avoid stress.
Knowing where the money is and where its going is a peaceful feeling.

We never feel we are poor - we choose to live differently. 

Take care,
Tracey xx


  1. Hedgerow blackberry jam is wonderful! Delicious stuff!


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