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I'm reading blogposts and have just come across this one: https://northyorkshirescraftguru.blogspot.com/2022/01/is-it-worth-paying-for-quality.html?m=1

from the craft guru, about spending more money for quality.  Lots of people have commented about spending more for certain items, and it's got me thinking.

There are some things I spend more money on, but what?  Is it to buy what I feel is better quality; items that will last longer perhaps?  Somethings that are not the 'value' shop's own range? Or do I do this out of habit?

Let's see:

1. Man Wonderful's jeans

I buy a particular brand of jeans for MW. Always have. He lives in jeans. They look good on, and last for ages.  I patch them when they get worn out, and they then become work jeans, then shorts, then they go into the rag bag. I buy him one new pair each winter. 

2. Loo paper

I have tried many ranges of loo paper and have now found a range that is worth every penny.  It is 'Who gives a crap?' bamboo range. Everything is recycled and recyclable. Wrapped in paper and arrives in a box. SO soft. I love it!

3. Christmas TV guide

Tradition dictates that I buy the Christmas Radio Times. I love going through it with a highlighter pen, choosing what to watch and what to record. 

4. Oat milk

I haven't yet found a cheaper shops own version of oat milk. I'm still looking though.

5. Marmite

Yes you can buy Yeast Extract but it isn't the same.  Is it?

6. Shoes

Man Wonderful is heavy on shoes he wears everyday, so I buy him branded boots as they last much longer. I live in clogs and these last forever!

7. Coats

Again, it's MW that I buy branded heavy wear for - my raincoat was a fiver from the charity shop!

8. Underwear

We always, always buy good quality undies, and for me decent quality tights too.  They all wash and wear and last a long, long time.

9. Mattress

It's important, I think, to have a decent mattress. Not a you-can't-spend-more, platinum, goose feather stuffed, Harrods one; but definitely not a cheap value one. We spend half our lives asleep and a poor quality mattress can cause pain and discomfort.  When we have been at our very lowest we had a second-hand bed but bought a new mattress.

10. Meat

We don't eat meat very often, but when we do it's British (so it's not travelled far) outdoor reared (so it's not been stuck indoors) and organic.  Yes,  it's far more expensive, so that means we don't eat it more than twice a month. 

What about you?

What do you buy for quality rather than value, and why? 

FM xx


  1. I believe that Aldi and/or Lidl have an own brand oat milk kept by the UHT (my SIL stocks up periodically).
    I agree that cheap loo roll is a false economy indeed! I don't scrimp on coffee either, although I've found a brand of European instant which is very cheap and pretty OK - prior to finding that, buying good coffee was a sizable chunk of my food budget!

  2. Good question.

    Dresses (I like Seasalt), tights, winter coats - I buy a good coat but second hand, kitchenware - again good but second hand where possible, probably a few other things too.

  3. I try to buy for quality because I think that if you get more use per pound of expenditure then you have come out ahead of the game. We buy good quality carpets. A few days before the first lockdown we replaced our 30 year old stair-carpet. There were no threadbare areas on it and no stains (I always try to treat any marks as soon as I spot them), but it was starting to stretch. The new one cost more than we paid to carpet the whole house when we first bought it (ouch!), but it is very heavy duty and should hopefully last as long as the last one. We also like to buy quality furniture. We both like like antique furniture and it seems daft that a hand-crafted piece of sold wooden furniture that has stood the test of time can often be bought for less than a flimsy high street piece that will fall to pieces and end up in landfill after a few years.


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