Minimalism in my wardrobe

Following on from my last post:  the first step to sort my wardrobe into a more pleasing resource was to re-visit both Project 333 ( and 

100 days in one dress (,

These are articles I have read before that spark my interest.

Project 333 talks about wearing just 33 items for 3 months - excluding underwear, nightwear, jewellery and sleepwear.  100 days talks about wearing one dress and varying the accessories you wear.  I like both these concepts.

333 is very similar to my own style, in that I have some seasonal items that get swapped in and out if my wardrobe (I think we all do) whereas 100 days is something I'd quite like to try.  

I took out all my clothing and placed it on the bed.  This gave me the opportunity to clean out the wardrobe.

Then I sat and put items with other items I to variations. The black leggings have bitten the dust and gone into the rag bag.

Everything else is more organised and I feel better about things.

There is one pair of jeans and one skirt that are too small at the back of one shelf..I have decided that if they don't fit by our wedding anniversary (the end of May), then they will go. 


Today I'm wearing black jeans, a black t-shirt, a khaki green jumper, a black and brown patterned scarf and my new wristwarmers that Rachel Radiostar knitted me. 

What do you do when you feel unhappy with your clothing?

FM x


  1. When I'm unhappy with my clothing these days I tend to be really honest with myself because it's generally one or two items that I'm hanging on to but never wear that are making things seem worse.

    This week I donated a tunic I love, but have nothing to make it into an outfit - too short to wear as a dress with tights, and I have no leggings these days. Not seeing it has already made the wardrobe seem better!


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