Repair rather than replace.

 Special Grandson (age 7) has a lovely warm winter coat. Being severely autistic, he loves certain things as they feel familiar to him, and this coat is one of them.

Unfortunately, two days ago the zip on his coat broke. The zipper stopped zipping and there was no way to fasten the coat.

Luckily I am able to replace zips in clothes, and after measuring the length of the zip, I ordered a new one (one that opens at the bottom) from the online store that starts with A.

The new zip arrived today so I have spent this evening taking out the old one and putting in the new one.

Special Grandson is very happy and so am I: the total cost to replace the zip? 


A new coat would have been more than £30.

I hope skills like this don't die out. It isn't difficult to replace a zip, just a little fiddly.

FM xx


  1. I enjoy extending the life of clothing too. One favorite coat zip was glued in, as well as sewn. That project couldn't be done at all. Congratulations on fixing that coat zipper!

  2. Thank goodness. That sort of thing means the world to people like Special Grandson. My Special Grandson was the same.


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