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Following on the frugal planning/shopping theme, I have made a list of things we need to buy this month.

I looked through the receipts from additional spending to see what we also bought this month, and if it can go into our shopping plan/budget for this month.

Man Wonderful loves goat cheese and buys it every few days- but I had budgeted for this in our months spending.

We bought more orange squash but didn't use any fizzy drinks beside one bottle of cola to cook a gammon in.  I will buy another of these, and a gammon this month as it feeds the whole family for a couple of days with some for kiddies sandwiches too.

I over-bought cleaning products but do need to get a multi-purpose cleaner which I use for the solid floors.

Our food cupboards and fridge/freezer are still looking stocked with just a week to go until the end of the month.

Man Wonderful has mentioned we are getting low on some herbs and spices, and I've noticed that Amazon has a 4 for 3 deal so I'm going to see if they have the ones we need.  These can be quite expensive.  The other place I look for seasonings is the local indoor market - but I won't make a special trip: I'll wait until we are going for something else too.

I've booked a Mr T delivery and a Mr S click and collect; and my little lists for the Coop and Mr M are sat ready.

It might sound hyper-organised, but this little bit of planning saves money and takes away a lot of stress..

'what's for dinner?' 

'Oh I need .xyz. can you just nip up the shop for some before I start cooking?' 

'Ah let's just order a takeaway' 

'But you were meant to be cooking that'

'Oh not that again..I hate .xyz.'

How do you plan your shopping for food?

Do you shop weekly or monthly?

How do you avoid overspending or food waste?



  1. I shop weekly for the 6 of us on a Monday evening in Aldi. During the day on a Monday I make a meal plan and check cupboards and freezer for what's needed. I allow about £70 a week and the only other purchase is a fruit and veg box from Lidl on a friday(1.50) and maybe the odd bottle of milk or loaf of bread.


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