Bank Holiday Monday

 We took down our Christmas Deccies yesterday and packed them away back into the storage boxes.  They are upstairs waiting to go into the attic. Man Wonderful will take down the outside lights and once I have dried them, they will join the other bits.

I had a poor night's sleep last night (part and parcel of the condition, blah, blah) so after breakfast I napped on the sofa while MW took the car to be washed by son-in-law.  Once he came back and woke me I started on lunch.

As I have said before, we plan our meals for the week and eat our main meal at lunchtime.  I used to think this was only what 'old' people did - but it makes a lot of sense for us.

This week we are having:

Monday - ADB (All Day Breakfast) - bacon, veg sausages, egg, beans.  We usually also have mushrooms and tomatoes, but our veg box doesn't come until Thursday this week.

Tuesday - Moroccan Shepherd's Pie - spuds mashed with chick peas for the top, Quorn mince with onions, chopped fresh veg and peas in the bottom; with smoked paprika, cumin and ginger..

Wednesday - Quorn Curry - using up the last of our veg which includes a butternut squash.  MW will have rice with his.

Thursday - Chilli - MW's speciality!  He packs in lots of fresh veggies chopped up too.

Friday - Potato wedges, veg sausages, roasted veg.

Saturday - HM veg pasties (I make and bake these on Friday and we either take them out to eat or have them with salad or veg).

Sunday - Roast dinner.  We eat with the family every Sunday evening, and take it in turns to cook.  This week it's us!

Our meals change weekly - apart from Thursday's MW chilli, which is a staple.  This began years ago when he had retired but I was still working full time as a teacher.  I always found that my most tired nights after work were Thursdays. I would come home, drop my bag and suit jacket, grab a cuppa and sit on my arse until bedtime.  Man Wonderful is a brilliant cook, but when we first got together he did not have a wide range of meals - in fact I think he could cook a roast chicken, but that was about it.  So on a Thursday it was a 'help yourself' dinner or an easy 'on toast' meal; and it very quickly turned into a 'Thursday night is Chilli Night'!  We always use veggy mince, and his recipe is fab.

I used up the last of my frozen apple pie filling and made the mini spiced apple pies while the oven was hot today.

What have you been up to on this Bank Holiday Monday?

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. Drove to a very pretty village nearby and went for a walk. After lunch we watched Father Brown and now we are doing a bit of baking.

  2. Hellooooo happy new year xxx Bank Holiday Monday saw me sadly return my daughter to her own life and then as I blogged - much TV watching ensued! Blogging now instead of getting ready for work!

  3. I jjst did the usual stuff really. Lots of washing, drying and ironing and I went to my usual Monday circuit training. I'm tackling many of the decorations today. Wish me luck!! xx


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