Getting fed up with my clothes

 No - I'm not planning to become a naturist!

No, it's part of the (for me) January blues.

I'm sat writing this wearing my black legging-y trousers and a tunic top.  I've had these trousers for about eight years since new.  They've had two repairs and are currently sporting a lovely 'run' beside the inner leg seam on one side.  My darling mum would have said these trousers are 'going home'!  

One of my tunic dresses has gone into the charity shop pile as Man Wonderful asked if I would please not wear it anymore!!  The same has happened with my long t-shirt that has pockets.

The tunic top I am wearing today was rescued from the gash pile.  I have repaired a large hole in the front that isn't obvious, and I have really loved wearing it ...


I am beginning to feel a bit blues-y about the choice of clothes I have and I think I need a cabinet re-shuffle.

Today I am going to sort my clothes into outfits that I can wear for my lifestyle and I enjoy wearing, and then see if I 'need' to look for anything in addition.

Quite often I don't need anything added, I just need a little time to look at what I already have and to put together outfits in a different way.

I'm going to take photos to share on here.

What do you do when you feel a bit bleurgh about your wardrobe of clothes?  Do you shop for new things?

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. I'm well on the chubby side, fat in fact!
    Every year I tell myself that I will lose lots of weight and get a whole new wardrobe, and every year I find myself in the same long flowing skirts or dresses, long tops over wide trousers, and I'm sick of it all!
    Forty years ago I had a brilliant figure, I was exactly 36-24-36, and as I'm 5'10" tall, I was very slim, but with perfect curves, those were the days!
    I have a loft full of bags of clothes, from size 12 right up to where I am now.
    I know some of the clothes up there would be hopelessly out of fashion now, but I bought a lot of classic styles, which I know I could alter for today's look.
    My depression was really bad from October until almost Christmas last year, and I comfort ate dreadfully, and combined with Christmas over indulgence have gained yet another 19 lbs!
    I desperately need to give myself a stern talking to, preferably not stuffing my face with biscuits as I do so!
    I'd love to wear slim jeans with tunic tops, fitted skirts, elegant coats instead of big 'lumpy' jackets, but until a lot of weight has gone, I'll be in the same old 'tat'!
    Oh, and all of my 'scruff around the house' clothes have holes, pulls, or runs, I'm trying to start a new fashion!

    1. Dear Col, when I read this I felt sad and I have been depressed and overweight too. A stern talking to myself wasn't enough for me. The book I read over and over is called the four day win by Martha beck. It is really a psychology book that helped me lose weight. Good luck, I feel for you as I do for all of us trying to stay fit.

  2. Like you, I usually have a rummage around in the wardrobe and see what I can come up with. I will usually unearth something that I had forgotten all about. If I am not getting any inspiration I will try jazzing up things by wearing jewellery for a bit. I don't usually wear anything except my wedding, engagement and eternity rings, along with the odd pair of earrings, so that can make a big difference to how I feel about things. If it is any consolation, a lot of my clothes have areas that have been mended. I just cannot bear throwing favourite things away!

  3. Actually, just 10 days ago I went to a clothing store and managed to find three thin knit long sleeved tops, to wear under my regular shirts. One is white, one is that very popular lightaqua-teal color, and one is light gray with a pattern of 3 pine trees-one white, one aqua, one dark blue. I am so surprised at how these "undershirts" have rejuvenated my wardrobe. One shirt was getting way too thin to wear, and the aqua undershirt makes it look solid and new. The gray-and-pine trees makes an aqua and dark blue plaid shirt look very snazzy. The white shirt matches my other short sleeved and three-quarter length shirts so I can wear them during this wintery weather. I hardly ever buy clothes. But two weeks ago one of my pinstripe blue shirts suddenly got a rip in it. Good Luck with your choices of clothing!

  4. Our daughter bought eight jumpers for £5 from Facebook Marketplace and gave me a lovely mustard one with a cowl neck. We have a really good charity shop about 10 miles away, all the clothes are £3 or less so have various new to me items, bought over a period of time. We combine a trip there with shopping etc. Do you buy from charity shops too? My husband took early retirement just before the first Covid lockdown, so have to watch the pennies.

  5. Eh up Tracey, I started to leave a comment yesterday but it ended up as a post upon me own blog, oops but thanks for the inspiration m'dear. Going to have a long look at my own wardrobe as I have too much stuff that will not be worn again and a lot that does not fit (for the time being) other than these clothes the bits that do have some semblance of fitting will have to do for now although they are a tad snug and becoming a tad threadbare too...ah well better start sculpting my body into a less rotund shape then!


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