You Know That Feeling....

 ... when you are sure somebody is taking the mickey (extracting the urine) out of you?

Well there I was today, in the craft room (read 'spare room'!), quietly working on the dolls house with - as is my usual practice - BBC Radio 3 in the background.

The afternoon concert was not really to my taste - Duke Ellington and his sacred jazz music; not something I've heard before - when my attention was turned to the Radio as at first I thought the Wifi might have become a little unhinged... nope..

Then I thought that a woodpecker might be tap-tap-tapping at my window...again, nope...

I glanced outside but all around me was still, and yet there was an irritating tapping..almost in a rhythmic manner...

Ah well, I thought to myself, I'll carry on peacefully crafting and listening tap-tap-tapping was getting more irritating.

Then it stopped.

Just as the vocal/orchestral piece of Duke Ellington's stopped.


Then the Radio announcer said that we'd been listening to "David Danced" by Duke Ellington - For Orchestra, Choir AND BLOODY TAP DANCER!!

And I'd been LISTENING to someone bloody TAP DANCING on the RADIO..

Really??  Here's a lovely link below for you!  

Tracey xx

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  1. Tap dancing on the radio! Now I have heard everything.

  2. Well, that's certainly different! I was listening to the radio in my kitchen one day when it suddenly went off. I fiddled with it, turned it on and off, changed channels etc. Nothing. I turned the sound up a bit and had my ear right next to it when it suddenly whispered "Hello," in the voice of Sean Bean. I shot across the kitchen, half convinced that it was possessed and was very relieved when it turned out to be an advert for something or other! (And having him whisper down my ear was rather exciting!!!)


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