Using it up..

I'm currently working on my PHD - Projects Half Done!!

I recently finished :  A stripey cardigan for each grandkid - both in rainbow stripes,                                 and his with a hood: thank you to Rachel Radiostar for the                                         pattern!!  This used wool from the stash.
                                New cushion covers for the lounge, using up fabric from a blind                                 we didn't want.

                                New cushion covers and a bolster for our bedroom using some                                 fabric and thread from the stash but new zips.

                                Happy Birthday bunting using up some leftover bits of fabric.

My currents projects are:  A very stripey cardigan for myself, using up all the wee bits                                             of sock yarn I've saved over the years.
                                         A hand-stitched patchwork quilt for Man Wonderful and                                                     myself, for our bed.
                                        A 12th scale Dolls House in contemporary style - being                                                     decorated by granddaughter and myself.

Projects being planned:  A large crochet Bee for a Christmas gift
                                        A large amount of outdoor bunting

                                        Knitted Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

What are your PHDs and can you use some of your stash?

Tracey xx


  1. I too am working on a dolls house that has been on the list forever and never seems to get done.

  2. I am using yarn from my stash to make cardigans for my three little Granddaughters at the moment. I started knitting a white cotton bedspread some years ago and I really want to finish it, all those balls of cotton are taking up much needed space.
    I will also be knitting a Father Christmas and a Mrs Christmas from stash yarn.


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