National Beach Clean

 Man Wonderful and I spent two afternoons this week at our local little beach, picking up and cataloguing things that should not have been there.

It was part of the National Beach Clean here  a charity project to spread awareness.

It was no hardship, I'll be honest.

We took dog, who pootled around meeting other dogs, a drink each and the kit supplied by this survey team: gloves, a recycling bag, bin bags, cataloguing list - and a free little lovely, thoughtful bits.

They'd popped into the box some things from eco-friendly companies - a packet of bamboo tissues, a wee bottle of hand-wash, a tin of spring water, a teeny packet of plastic-free glitter and a TeaPigs green teabag (yum!)

The local beach we go to is mostly pebbles and we found the usual things that sadly one can find on the beaches of the UK coastline:-

. a red-bull tin

. two used disposable BBQs

. dog poo bag filled, tied and left hanging on a bush

. a couple of strange plasticcy bits that looked like car parts that had been washed ashore

. an old trainer

. 12 million pounds in cash

Ok, I lied about the last one - but I was just checking you were paying attention (hee hee).

The things we tidied away were put where rubbish should go, and the catalogue was logged online.  

Then we spent a lovely hour with dog on the shoreline, chatting to each other and saying how brave the sea swimmers were!

A good spend of our time.

What have you been up to this week?

Tracey xx


  1. I often lifted pick along the towpath when I walk my dog.

  2. I am always saddened by the dog poo picked up and then abandoned, very strange.


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