I love Paying It Forward!

 One of the lovely things that happened over the 'lockdown' few weeks was going out for our allotted hour-long walk and seeing items put our for free by neighbours.  Books, mirrors, vases, artificial flowers, seedlings - there were some lovely items to peruse that I guess would otherwise have been going to the charity shops.

At the weekend a chum I haven't seen for ages popped over with a car-boot-full on her way to the tip, and asked if I'd like to check out some books before they were dumped.

I did indeed check out the books, also some nearly-new crafting things, some ice lolly moulds and some never-been-worn clothing and shoes...I took everything on offer.

The crafting items have gone to the local Old Folks' home.

The clothing and shoes have gone in the Salvation Army collection box.

Man Wonderful and I have taken about a dozen books we'd like to read,, and the rest (about 50?) have been outside our little house each day (spending overnights in the car) in a large crate where each day their number is decreasing!

The ice lolly moulds are - as we speak - in my freezer filled with orange squash...iin fact, I might just go and liberate one now.  Well, it's important to make sure they work, isn't it?!

I spent the morning today at GD's house, turning up some curtains.  I know it's family, but it's still paying it forward!

Now then...where's that lolly?

Tracey xx


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