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 We have been working on a few house things this week.  Mainly the bathroom.

The bath we inherited with the house is a lovely old metal-cased one and it is in lovely condition.  It cleans up beautifully each week.

However, it had a horrible, cracked bath panel along one side that additionally had what looked like a burn mark on one end.  A new bath panel was on my 'nagging' list for over a year, and last month we managed to do a swap for a brand-new one!  The chap also threw in a new tube of sealant for after fitting it, and to go around the bath where it is next to the wall tiles.


This Wednesday we took to the bathroom.  Out came the old bath panel and I then laid on my side and used first a dustpan and brush, then the vacuum cleaner to clean out under the bath.  I have to admit I had never removed the panel for cleaning before, and I was quite astounded to find a pair of rubber gloves, an old overflow fixture and a length of plastic pipe amongst dust and rubble!

Then I sat in the bath (without any water, I hasten to add) and using a Stanley knife I sliced out the quadrant around the bath. 


Despite weekly cleaning and application of bleach, under all three sides of quadrant was thick gloopy black mould.  I was pretty angry - although I didn't need to be angry with myself, just the mould!

However, once I cleaned, scrubbed and bleached, we now had a sparkling bath edging waiting to be refitted, a bath without sealant around it and a new bath panel to fit.

Then we noticed the bath panel was too 'high'.  About two centimetres too high for the bath.

Should we lift the bath higher?  This could cause plumbing/pipe problems underneath.

Should we then cut the new bath panel down to size?  This could cause the plastic to split. 

It is now Saturday, and Man Wonderful is deciding the best way for us to proceed.

In the meantime, another off my 'nagging' list - as yesterday (don't faint, regular readers) we bought BRAND NEW two sofas. 

I know, right?!!

Not on finance either (never do that).

The current ones were £35 for one and free for the other via a local selling page three years ago, but one was actually threadbare (despite being really comfy) and I'd broken one side of the other with my big butt (that's the rumour MW is putting round!!).

I'd been looking at local selling pages for a couple of months, but then yesterday we bit the bullet and went to the local furniture shop where we talked the price down as we could pay outright.  

Our new sofas are made in the UK and will arrive in the New Year.

Now all we need is a working bathroom and I can look at the next thing in my 'nagging' list!!

What is on your nagging list?

Tracey xx


  1. I actually got one of those nagging jobs done today - at last! I have a small cupboard by the front door to my apt. that used to be for milk and bread deliveries. I had been thinking about making it into my "emergency supply" cupboard for ages so last night I cleaned it out, washed it and this morning I stocked it with my masks and gloves, hand sanitizer bottles, a Lysol spray, my flashlights, battery powered radio (all with fresh batteries) and my supply of batteries - everything in one place!
    A new sofa is on my list of possible purchases for next Spring so I am currently saving the money!


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