How many??

 Sorry, but I'm going to say it..

There's 101 sleeps until Christmas!!

You might not have wanted to hear that right now - but regular readers will know that I LOVE, love, love Christmas!!

It's my favourite time of year - and I do it every year on a tight (don't like the word frugal anymore: wonder why??!) budget.



No, I don't set aside an amount every month for the festive season.

No, I haven't stopped giving gift or sending cards.

What I do is make a list (.. ♪♫♪..checking it twice,,gonna find out who's naughty or nice..♪♫♪) that is flexible, but that has a list of folk to whom I'd like to give gifts.

Then throughout the year when I see something that would be good for my Christmas gift box, I get it.

If I see a real bargain, say, for all the females, then I buy that thing in bulk.

Or make things, which is what I'm doing today.

I have three siblings and this year the pandemic has made me more aware of the gaps between us all - geographically and emotionally.

So this year I'm making them a scarf each, in their favourite colour.

I looked online and did my research, and I purchased yarn from a supplier that had a deal going, and I've started crocheting today.

As there's time to make all three.

Because there's 101 sleeps until Christmas.

Did you know?

Tracey xx


  1. I love Christmas too and like you make some gifts and plan it all. 101 sleeps, yikes I had better get my skates on.

  2. We love Christmas too so I can fully understand your excitement.

  3. It pays to be prepared. Christmas comes the same time every year, but I'm never ready, maybe I should start now! Good luck with the scarves x


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