My small obsession

We all have our little obsessions, right?  

(I'm talking about the healthy ones!..)

Be it planning, planting and enjoying our gardens or reading every book by the same author and eagerly waiting for the next volume to be published, or watching a series on Netflix back to back.  

As long as it causes no harm to children or animals, right?

Well I have a small obsession myself. (No, I don't mean Man Wonderful!!)

Let me expand that a little...

                                                                        image from eBay

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE teeny tiny things in 12th scale.  (My small obsession - see what I did there!)

12th scale means everything is a 12th of it's original size - so if it measures 12" in real life, it measures 1" in this mini world.  

Dolls houses for adults exist as collectors items, to build yourself, to make and create.

And I love the making and collecting and building bit.

I have a 12th scale house carcass that I'm slowly decorating and making items for.

                                                    image from Wish

Some are decorated in modern style, others are at a different period in History, like this one:

 image from eBay

Mine is contemporary, I have plans for a conservatory and a garden added, and is made as much as possible from salvaged and homemade items.

I will post pictures here every now and then, as my little obsession develops.  

What are your small obsessions?

Tracey xx


  1. I have a dolls house I am working on to. I also love to craft, crochet, sew, paint I will try my hand at most things.


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