Tea Towel Adventures

I have a rather strange addiction..to tea towels.
Not just any tea towels.
I just LOVE the tea towels that people bring back from holidays in the UK, and give to charity shops when they've either served their purpose in that household, or never been used but are just a little old.

My little collection of tea towels (don't picture me as having these in an album for browsing, in front of an open fire, whilst listening to the stereo play Haydn, eating biscuits from a tin ... Ahem! I digress!!).

Where was I?
Oh yes.
Many of these tea towels are from places I've never heard of - that's me, I don't have geography in my head! - and this leads to a conversation with Man Wonderful, maybe a reminisce from his childhood.
Others are a wee bit funny - I have one with the year calendar of 1982.
We use and use these until they can't be used as tea towels then they get cut into squares and sewn back to back with another scrap to make a 'scrap' cloth.

I never pay more than £1 for a tea towel with a bit of history
and we get so much more than our £1 in value.

Do you have a quirky collection in your house?

Tracey xx


  1. My whole house is stuffed to bits with collections of things! I too have a stash of tea towels - but in my fabric stash sepcifically for bag making and things!

  2. Not only do we share a love for Lottas, we both have a thing about vintage tea towel! Like you I never pay more than £1.
    I've got far too mnay quirky collections, everything from 1970s Swedish dolls houses to 1970s partyware and Victorian mourning jewellery. Minimalism is a dirty word! xxx

  3. Er, I collect and use my tea towels. Currently around 140 in rotation.

    Lately, it's been branded products and dogs that I'm looking for.

    Even better if I find them in thrift stores, but I have been known to find a really desirable one on Instagram or the bay of e.

    There are several blogs devoted to tea towel collections.

  4. I don't have a collection, quirky or otherwise! I have to be really strict with myself and give everything a space budget so I don't fall back into keeping everything in the world. I like the idea of tea towels though - cute and useful.


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