So today I totally gave into my comfortable compulsion and spent about four hours doing what I call my finite cleaning.
I started with my cleaning toothbrush, a cloth and my spray bottle of Elbow Grease and cleaned the white PVC window frames upstairs. They are sparkling and now look like new.
Then I cleaned the windows.
After that I wiped out the oven (this was properly cleaned on Sunday) and the metal oven racks from Gorgeous Daughter's ex-rental house - they have moved out of a military house and the inspection is tomorrow. As GD knew I was compulsive cleaning, she ran then up in the car and when I'd finished they were sparklingly silver!
Then I got out the heavyweight vacuum cleaner.  
Our day-to-day hoover is a lightweight and is great at picking up bits and bobs: the only thing this one doesn't do is shampoo the carpet!
I ran the big guy through the whole house.

Now I'm sat with my Man Wonderful with feet up watching a movie and the house is clean and fragrant.


Well it makes me happy!!

What compulsions do you have?

Tracey xx


  1. I was diagnosed with OCD as a child (a mild case) but it does flare up every now and again. I can't stand seeing anything out of alignment - especially on my bookcases. Cupboard doors all have to be shut and coat hangers have to match and all face the same way - I am terrific at cleaning closets - friends call me in to help! :-) There are some benefits to it...

  2. I like my house clean although it is not always tidy.


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