I know I'm 'frugal' (insert: tighter than a badger's bum) but I even surprise myself with my 'frugality' (insert: squeaking as I walk..).

Take for example this morning.

GGD - Gorgeous GrandDaughter had a sleepover last night and was transfixed with my Memory Bear* sewing, so this morning I decided she(we) would make a tiger keyring.

I'd photocopied a pattern from a magazine** a couple of years ago and had pinned it to just the right amount of salvaged stripey tiger fabric before popping it in my 'later' box.

However, before we began pinning and cutting out, I got Man Wonderful to photocopy the pattern, and this went back into my later box. 

As I type, I'm supervising the keen 7-yr-old as she cuts out ready to sew and stuff her own tiger.

The pattern and the fabric both salvaged and another pattern ready for a future date.  Literally for pennies, if that. 

Now that's what I call badger's butt frugal!

Tracey xx 



  1. I love the badger butt comment and I bet your GD loves her key ring!

  2. Well done, sounds like fun too.


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