In our garden we have a large broken pot.
When I say broken, I mean it is in large-ish pieces.

  • It housed a rather beautiful plant we have had since we moved here that has grown considerably.  (I'm afraid I don't know its name - Latin or otherwise!)
Anyway, when we transplanted this plant at the very start of spring, the pot broke. 
The pot is a dark teal colour and it's such a shame that it broke as I thought it was gorgeous.
Man Wonderful popped the pieces on top of each other and we've left them there to look at for a while as I think they are still lovely.

Anyway, I've decided that I'm going to Kintsugi my pot.

This is a Japanese craft of glueing together the pieces of ceramic that are broken and decorating the repair with gold or silver to make it visible. 
It symbolises the thought that the break is part of the object's history and the repair is visible and just as important.

This is deep and therapy-wise has made me stop today.

I've spent the past six years trying to put the pieces back together and hide the cracks.  Should I be trying to cover up the breaks or instead celebrating the repairs as they are just as important a part of my history?

Tracey xx


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