How I get things done.

When I was working full-time and had a full-time working husband and kiddie at school, I found the way to getting the household running well enough* so I didn't get too stressed was to have a schedule.
Fast forward a decade (and-a-bit) and the household now features a retiree and a pretty part-time worker plus a wee dog.  We also have a couple of grand-kiddies here most days.
I still like a schedule as it means I have a plan to aim for.

For example, on my schedule for today was to post a picture of the plant I mentioned on my blog here:
If I hadn't got around to that today, the sky wouldn't have fallen in, but now I have completed the task I can cross it off.

I don't have a cute journally-notebook like Mrs Hinch but instead, I use an A4-sized diary that I plan the week ahead in.
I write down when I have to work, what we are going to eat that week and add in three tasks I'd like to complete each day.  Anything I don't manage that day gets written down at the end of the week and taken onto the next week's calendar.

Today's tasks were to tidy the study:

Post the picture on this blog and read a chapter of the textbook for my degree.  

What helps you to stay organised?

Tracey xx

*well enough is good enough for anyone, unless you are being featured on the front page of a magazine or making your own live videos; in which case you are probably aiming for something a bit more stressy/perfectionist.  


  1. My diary and my blog. Between the two I pretty much know what needs doing and when. I need to organise my day and then the occasional un-organised day is a real treat.

  2. I am a fan of a list and ticking it off. It works for me. Take care.


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