When I'm feeling blue..

When I feel a bit down, there are things that always seem to lift my spirits. Certain songs, pictures, etc., and I thought I'd give you a wee list today.

1. The sea. 
It doesn't matter the season or the weather; being near the sea (but not on it..no sea legs sadly) with the sea air on my face is.simply.breathtaking.

2. A cup of tea.
In a mug. In my hands. Hot enough to need blowing on before each sip.
At my saddest times, and my proudest times; memories of being a little person in a 1970s kitchen, of sitting with my feet tucked under gorgeous hubby, and of sitting in my dad's warm space on the sofa. Of sitting at my desk at uni, of tears streaming down my face so hard I could hardly breathe, of 
the tiniest child before me that was finally mine. Of laughing so hard the tea came out again as quickly as it came in, of my best friend through school, of making bizarre teacosies.

3. Music.
Right now it's Caro Emerald. Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor album. In my headphones. Music I can't sit still mopey to. Just brilliant.

4. Black and white films.
I love Ealing comedies, Norman Wisdom, Fred Astaire, Laurel and Hardy. 

5. Quilts.
I love looking at pictures of hand-pieced quilts 

6. Big families.
I always wanted lots of children. I was blessed with one birth child, and she is amazing; but I love, love, love reading about large families, or watching documentaries about their daily routines, etc. The mothers seem so happy and organised and fulfilled. :-)

7. Doing something nice for someone else.

Often, turning my attention to other people is just what is needed. At the care home, I am never low: I sing or hum the whole time, I have a smile on my face, and am always happy to help people. I hope if I get to that age that someone will be happy around me.

8. Re.
Recycling. Ohh, I love washing the things and putting them in the right bins! I love soaking labels off jars (I know we don't have to do that) then putting the dried labels into paper before the jars go into glass and the lids go into metal..

9. 12th scale.
In my former life I had a beautiful 3 storey dolls house in 12th scale. I was enjoying 'doing up' as a hobby. Now I like looking at pictures of things people make in 12th scale. Especially knitted, crocheted and sewn items! 

10. Colours.
There are certain colours that just lift me straightaway - or seem to. Teal, fuchsia, silver. 

11. Modern art. 
I love looking at art installations on YouTube. If we are at daughter's house, I will often put something on her big TV for the grandchildren to discuss with us.

12. Planning cooking.
Right now I'm planning to make some caramelised red onion 
chutney in my slow cooker. Mmm.


  1. What a wonderful list. I am almost ashamed to say that I seldom feel low, but a cup of tea and the comfort of my dear husband is what I then need. I don't know the music you mention, but then I'm not well versed in modern music. I love Mahler's 2nd Symphony and that will usually get me going if I feel down, but there is no point in putting Richard Strauss's Four Last Songs on to play if on the offchance I feel just a bit sad, as that sends me to tears. Being by the sea is lovely - we have a partial sea view from our sitting room, and I can look on the sea each and every day, so in that I am very lucky, I think. Scents also lift my spirit, room sprays in rose, pillow mists in rose. And fresh bed linen, too, at the end of a busy day.
    Margaret P

  2. Tea and the sea are a sure fire hit here! Also doing something for someone else, that always makes me feel better.

  3. I love your list, especially the tea and music and doing something for someone else. How wonderful that you have work which keeps you humming and puts a smile upon your face.

  4. Can you post your chutney recipe, please?

    I love the sea but live 1400km from it. I miss the smell


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