Fun and games!

Man Wonderful and I have always played games.
(Steady's not that kind of blog!)
Often on a long journey, if we are waiting for a medical appointment, or instead of watching the tv we will have a word game.
Some of our favourites include;
The first person gives a topic, and the second person responds with five things in that topic.
Topics can be anything, from 'things you'd hate to find in your pocket' to 'places you would love to visit' and many more!

Any questions
This must not be anything specific to everyday life.  So you can't ask 'what do you want for dinner' or 'did you pay the plumber'! Instead, questions should be as random as possible; 'If you found a baby kitten in your handbag, what would you do first?' 'If you won £250,000 on a scratch card, what would you do?'

I have never.
I have never is a fairly easy one to do.  You simply say things you have never done. Bog standard and fanciful - as the mood takes!
I thought today I'd play 'I have never' with my blog readers!
So here goes.
I'll give you ten, you reply with ten.

I have never owned a reptile
I have never worn men's pants
I have never been to America
I have never kissed a guy shorter than me.
I have never played rugby.
I have never been arrested.
I have never eaten veal.
I have never done wild swimming.
I have never eaten an Oreo.
I have never held a ferret.

Leave your ten 'I have never' in your reply!


  1. I have never:

    eaten veal
    learnt to read a crochet pattern
    learnt to ride a bike (I've tried, but can't)
    been skiing despite growing up in some of the best ski areas of Canada
    been able to drive a car with a standard transmission
    been to Bruges
    liked toasted coconut
    understood the need to tear people down to feel superior
    liked spiders
    had a pedicure (don't touch my feet!)

  2. I have never been on a plane
    I have never eaten sushi
    I have never done drugs
    I have never gone skiing
    I have never been thin
    I have never been rich
    I have never read War and Peace
    I have never been in trouble with the law
    I have never been to Asda in my pyjamas
    I have never been to Glasgow

  3. I have never done drugs
    I have never been married
    I have never watched "Big Brother"
    I have never got my driver's license (tried)
    I have never cross-country skied
    I have never snow-shoed
    I have never been to Paris
    I have never learned to sew (beyond a hem or button)
    I have never liked coconut oil (but love coconuts in all other forms)
    I have never learned to play the piano (but would like to)

  4. I have never done any painting (house or picture)
    I have never learnt to swim properly
    I have never eaten artichokes
    I have never changed a wheel on a car
    I have never played a musical instrument
    I have never ridden a horse (although I would have liked to)
    I have never been to Scotland or Ireland
    I have never understood cruelty to animals or humans
    I have never been impressed by celebrity
    I have never read Gone With The Wind

    Joan (Wales)


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