Taking my own advice?

Some days I wonder if the moon is in a certain position, if my medication isn't working properly, or if it's just my turn.
You know those days, right?
Where it seems everything than can go wrong, does go wrong?
Today - so far - has been one of those *(insert a sweary adjective of your own choice here) days.
First, following a storm last night, we discovered enough damage outside to need a few hours hands-on work. I'm recovering from wrist surgery and can still only use one hand..so this meant Man Wonderful out in the heavy rain being - well - Man Wonderful.
A few things had to come in to be cleaned off as they had been out and about in the storm...dustpan and brush, outdoor shoes, cleaning products, recycling bin...
An embuggerance, not anything fatal, so I got my rubber glove (singular) on, and did it slowly.
Then I stumbled and put my non-gloved hand out to steady myself: the one I can use yet. Hmm.
Something 'pinged' and its felt like burning since.
It'll be ok.
I know that.
But I did have a bit of a panic.
Then GD wanted to pop over with the children - which I love - but we always make the house child-friendly before they come, so they can be at home here - and Man Wonderful is outside doing essential stuff in the rain and I'm struggling with one rubber glove one. In my dressing gown. Because I can't do my bra up myself yet. And I have big boobs and don't like wearing a top without a bra..
She understood completely, and we will go to them later; but it was another 'thing'.
Then I broke the door handle - it's fixable - but, you know, it was another thing.
Then in trying to help outside - just quickly, like you do - and using just my one hand, but both my feet: I burned the clutch plate on the car. Hmm. I was needed to just reverse the car up by a couple of inches and hold it there..it's going to be a expensive one, but we do have money set aside for things like this. So.

And then
And then

The dog ran away.
She got out through the damaged area from last night.

As I'm writing, she is here beside me and asleep, having been showered clean (she was sh*t-high in mud and grass, and had clearly had a brilliant adventure...), but well, THAT was the thing that made
me sob.

I needed to take my own advice, and I am.

When life gets hard - because it does now and then - treat yourself gently.
If the tears fall, let them come. They don't fall forever.
Deal with the things that are urgent.
Make a sensible plan to deal with the rest.
Take time out to be mindful - use headphones, a cuppa, some peaceful music, a warm bath: whatever is your "thing".
And top yourself up again.
Because as sure as the tides come in and out,
Life will get hard again, and you'll be restored enough to deal with whatever it brings.


  1. Sorry to hear you are having one of those days. Maybe see if you can find a good podcast or something to help you relax and destress a bit...I like listening to classic stories and children's fiction when I feel like that. Hope you feel better very soon xx

  2. Oh, honey, what a rotten time you've had. Sometimes it is just one thing after another, isn't it. Your advice is brilliant and I hope you are continuing to live in it.
    J x

  3. Sending comforting hugs your way today. c

  4. Oh no, what a snowball of rubbish that was. I know how you feel, some days one thing just compounds the previous thing.

    So glad the dog didn't get too far on her amazing adventure! Here's to a better day today, look after yourself.

  5. "This too will pass" - and hopefully, by now, it has. Yes to letting the tears come if they need to though - I've learned in recent years the cathartic effect of a good sob.

  6. I've had days like that...a warm shower, a cup of tea, my cat and a book to escape into usually help. I like your suggestions, too. Best to you.


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