Hot dogs?

Ha! I bet that title got your attention!
"..thought she was vegan and or veggy?", regular readers' grey matter prompted, "better click and find out more.."

The hot dog in question is this one:

It's beautifully sunny here today.
Windy, but sunny.
I'm waiting for my new clothes whirly, which is a shame, as I could have dried a couple of loads easily. The old one was too damaged last week, and went to the scrap man.
Man Wonderful is taking part in a city-round sponsored walk today just for men, organised by our brilliant rugby club. All moneys raised go to the local hospice. It's 12km, and at almost 70, he's just phones to tell me he was in the first 150 to finish; with over 1,000 men taking part. 
I'm very, very proud of him. Love, love, love. 😊
For my gentle day, I've been slow-knitting with the recovering hand, and reading. I watched a brilliant Ealing comedy earlier, and have Radio 4 as my current company X

Our meal plan has changed for tonight, and as a celebration meal for MW, we are having Quorn and veg in a black bean sauce, served with some microwave rice.

And I found something reduced in the veggy section I've not had fresh for over 20 years...a coconut! (I sound like someone on wartime rations...!) It was 29p, so a crime not to pick it up!!
I'll get MW onto opening it later for a supper treat.

Wishing you well in your corner of our world.

Tracey X


  1. Loved your list of happy making things, but gave a unlady like snort of laughter at your coconut comment. Witty, funny people make my day.


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