Meal planning!

So yesterday and today we looked after the wee ones as GD was on a training course.
This meant up with the lark and to bed with the Owls both days, and although the kids had a fab time - trip to the soft play venue/colouring sheets/singing/watching a DVD snuggled up/favourite veggies and pizza cut into squares- (you get the picture); Nannie and Grandad were not as organised for themselves this week with the addition of Nannie's little operation.

Hence we have gone way over our food (and calorie) budget with both Indian takeaway and chippy for us...and tonight we ended up having tortilla chips and hummus as a main meal.

But no more.

I can't cope without order and structure for long, and that applies to my belly too!

So - with an homage to my chum over at the ninetofiveish blog - here's my meal planning done for the rest of the month.

Friday 10th        Jacket potato 
Saturday 11th   Veggy chilli
Sunday 12th     L/o veg chilli with rice

Monday 13th    Lentil and veg stew
Tuesday 14th    L/o stew with jacket potato
Wednesday 15th   Roasted veg with hummus
Thursday16th    Chick pea curry
Friday 17th        Takeaway - moving day today!
Saturday 18th    H/m veg burgers with gf buns and salsa
Sunday 19th      All day veggy breakfast

Monday 20th     Mushroom risotto
Tuesday 21st     Stuffed peppers
Wednesday 22nd  Jacket potatoes
Thursday 23rd   Posh gf pasta
Friday 24th        H/m gf pizza
Saturday 25th    Veggy chilli
Sunday 26th      Nut roast

Monday 27th     L/o nut roast with gf buns and salsa
Tuesday 28th     Veg moussaka
Wednesday 29th  Jacket potatoes
Thursday 30th   Veg curry
Friday 31st        Falafel wraps


  1. Looks like my kind of menu. Glad you are getting along well in your recuperation.

  2. Ha! As if by magic that's what I'm doing this morning. I will be shamelessly stealing the idea of making jacket potatoes and moussaka too.

  3. I love jacket potatoes, I could eat them everyday!
    Glad you are feeling a bit better and three cheers for Man Wonderful for looking after you so well!


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