Carry on Nurse!

Rest and recuperation are the order of the day; and for a few days ahead also, as early this morning I finally had the long-awaited surgery on my left wrist.
The operation went well, I was awake for the procedure (I chose to stay under the blue sterile paper cover), and was aware of what was going on even though I had no pain.
In a few weeks* I will be having the same operation on my right wrist. 
Well - I know how to party, right?!
So here I am, sat with a dressing almost the size of my head on my wee mitten, and - as you can imagine from reading my blog, or if you've ever met Man Wonderful - being spoiled rotten!!
Cups of tea, vegan snacks, TV remote, radio tuned in correctly (Radio3 or 4, either is fine!), and a 'helper' each time I move from my corner of the sofa - where I'm ensconced under patchwork with my pillow.
(There's something very lovely about being under a patchwork in the daytime with your pillow.)
I'm topped up to the eyeballs with pain meds, and am happy to do what I'm told for now.
And now I'm off to read all your blogposts xx


  1. Sounds like you're being well looked after, Tracey. Hope the wrist mends as it should.

  2. Oh, and I meant to say.....congratulations on the one-handed typing!

  3. I hope your recuperation goes well and I'm glad you have a good helper.

  4. Hello Tracey, glad your surgery was straightforward - wishing you a speedy recovery! Love Harriet xx

  5. Glad it went well, hope you don't get cabin fever during the recovery period.

  6. Hello Tracey! Wishing you well with your recovery. Just think of all the knitting and crochet you'll be able to do later in the year, once you've recovered. All the best,Morag xxx

  7. Wishing you a speedy recovery Tracey, enjoy being spoilt. xx

  8. My husband had both wrists done late last year. He said to tell you to get exercising as soon as possible. Great to see him pain free again. Good luck with your next op.


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