Very hungry..

I know, I know. I said I wasn't going to take on any commissions until my hands were recovered from surgery but..
This dear old lady asked did I know someone who could knit a draught excluder for her.
I thought that would be a very easy knit to do slowly, so I offered to do it as long as she could "bear with", as darling Miranda would say..
It turns out this bloody blithering draught excluder is in the pattern of the Very Hungry Caterpiller, and is over a metre long..
It is a very bloody hungry caterpillar indeed!
My darling daughter has helped me out by knitting the legs and feet...all 12 of them. 
This monster insect larva is now stuffed and sewn, and is awaiting eyes and mouth embroidery.
Then he will be delivered.

Bet he will make a beautiful butterfly..

Man Wonderful et moi are off to St.Ives tomorrow.
If you see us, come and say hello!

Tracey X


  1. I hope your day out was wonderful. Just the usual Friday shopping and then the joys of doing my income tax form. Well at least the government owes me money!

  2. One of my daughter's favourite books but I'm not sure I would want one the width of my door! Safe trip :)

  3. No good deed goes unpunished my lady! Hope it wasn't too painful though.


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